2010 AmericanMuscle Car Show Winners

We are proud to be able to pass along the afterglow that we’re feeling from our good friends at AmericanMuscle. It was Mustang heaven at the 2010 AmericanMuscle Car Show, and we can only imagine what they have in store for us in 2011. Check out the word straight from the gang at AmericanMuscle, and by all means, drop by their site to take in the whole enchilada!

When Mustangs started pouring into the Kimberton Fairgrounds last weekend, I realized this was not going to be a typical car show! Within a few short hours, we counted over 500 of the sickest Mustangs from all over the country! Some will say it was a mixture of a great cause, hot girls and free food! Others will say it was the perfect weather (I’m not buying it!). Either way, this car show was kicking off the right way…

With such a great turnout, it was very hard to decide our trophy winners. Congrats goes out to some beautiful rides:

  • Cindy Iacocca & Family – 1st Place Specialty (2009 Iacocca Mustang)
  • Stephen Donapel – Runner Up Specialty (2009 Super Snake)
  • Rob Horner – Runner Up Speciality (2004 Mach 1)
  • Joe Ferro – 1st Place 05-11 (2008 Mustang GT)
  • Mary Mullin – Runner Up 05-11 (2006 Mustang GT)
  • John Bartholomew – Runner Up 05-11 (2011 Shelby GT500)
  • Emil Hibian – 1st Place 99-04 (2004 Cobra)
  • Janice Hall – Runner Up 99-04 (2000 Mustang V6)
  • Ralph D’Ambrosio – Runner Up 99-04 (2003 Cobra)
  • Wayne Stamps – 1st Place 94-98 (1998 Mustang GT)
  • Fred Tollin – Runner Up 94-98 (1998 Mustang GT)
  • Rich Nagle – 1st Place 79-93 (1993 Mustang GT)
  • Joe Caria – Runner Up 79-93 (1989 Mustang GT)
  • Ralph Tuckett – Runner Up 79-93 (1989 Mustang GT)
  • Ruben Tabares – 1st Place 1964.5-1978 (1967 Convertible)
  • Frank Hoover – Runner Up 1964.5-1978 (1969 Mach 1 428CJ)
  • Tim Brillhart – Runner Up 1964.5-1978 (1968 GT500KR)
  • Karen Baum – Employee Ride (2003 Mustang GT)
  • Valley Forge Mustang Club – Club Participation Award

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