2010 AmericanMuscle Car Show

We would like to pass along this exciting news about the 2010 AmericanMuscle car show that was such a smashing success. AmericanMuscle invited us to share some of the fantastic bling they have assembled to give classic car fans a taste of the big event. This is Part 1, we will bring you more from the 2010 AmericanMuscle car show on Friday. Enjoy!

The AmericanMuscle car show this year was amazing! There were thousands of people in attendance, over 500 Mustangs, and thousands raised for charity. I hope that everyone agrees that it was a fun and successful day. We couldn’t have done any of this without our loyal customers, so let’s take a look at the final figures:

* Total # of Mustangs: 524
* Total # of People: Over 1700
* Final Charity Amount Raised: $14,825
* % of People Who Had a Great Time: 100%!

Not only were all of the donations and attendance records broken, we had some of the hottest, loudest and baddest Mustangs in the country show up. From the AmericanMuscle staff, we thank you again to everyone who attended. We truly hope you had a great time…

AmericanMuscle Girls!

2010 AmericanMuscle Car Show Overview

Contributed by Fossil Cars Staff Writer


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